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Who are we?
Suzhou MEDAS CO.,Ltd.,located
in Suzhou City,
1.5 hours from the global economic centre of Shanghai.
ISO 9001 and BSCI approved company.
Has a production area of over 60,000m²
and over 1,000,000 pcs production capacity
500 employees
serve customers all over the world.
We are professional and do as you need.
Driven by the spirit of MEDAS and spurred by global strategic minds.

our 500 Medasers-as we call our employees-value our customers as the focus of all we strive for. Our staff is the catalyst for innovation and technology to collide, producing an amazing spark. In return, these brilliant characteristics rooted in the nature of our Medasers win us enormous benefits as well as the customers’ trust. In addition, we treat our customers all over the world as best partners who witness MEDAS flourishing as a domestic top-ranking pump manufacturer. This is reflected in every part of our production capabilities, ripe process, quality control and management system.
Since being founded in 1997.MEDAS has rapidly emerged as a company spanning the entire domestic market. MEDAS has always oriented itself towards fostering talent and technology-based production, guiding our success with customer support and trust. Almost all our office staff have a bachelor degree or above and vast operational experience, helping to efficiently provide design and experimental operation as well. The principle of “Quality comes first’’ is deeply embedded in the heart of every Medaser, a principle which MEDAS also reflects on the large scale.
MEDAS integrates global strategic thought and the trend towards the world factory into the ‘’MEDAS way’’ to optimize customer needs. Under this premise, we established a design department in Germany to provide headquarters with timely feedback by observing local market dynamics that differentiate MEDAS from the majority of domestic competitors. MEDAS believes integration into the global community is especially powerful because our design and service stand for end-customer requirements. We at MEDAS, with our 500 Medasers, promise you good products that meet your needs.
Mutual cooperation,mutual success
Knowing the customer is the priorityof all we do.MEDAS believes that fruitful cooperation builds on mutual understanding. From the moment of first contact, we aim for dialogue on both production and operational business,as well as product structure,the target market(including target customers and market conditions),decision -making processes and work procedures. Once both sides have all the information they need,the negotiation may smoothly and productively step into the discussion of customer requirements With the customers’ specific technical data and requirements fully in mind,MEDAS recommends the most suitable products for them.We regard every customer as a friend and partner,bearing this in mind as we draw up price estimates and make revisions in constant consultation with the design department. To provide the best transport options ,we check the customer contract and thoroughly discuss the project time plan with the technical and design departments. We make a promise that every process of the cooperation is clear to our customers,especially with regard to customized products. Normally,before mass production,the process of making samples is what troubles the majority of customers - MEDAS possesses the complete process to make this simple The whole procedure consists of double checking the tooling costs, tracking the prototype,tracking  TüV sample delivery,following the customer quality check list,delivering the sample and ensuring its arrival. Meanwhile, we assure you that we welcome customer enquiries and that every step is transparent. As production begins, we focus on working along multiple lines. MEDAS inspects each production procedure to avoid defective products,interacting with customers on detail at the same time. We track product description and artwork,packing size and product weight and inform the customer of loading quantity. We track and report on factory release,double check price,discuss the details of cost planning and double check suppliers’ leading time. A rigorous mechanism is in place to ensure we offer systematic customer service. Even once the order has closed,MEDAS still provides meticulous after-sales service Taking product usage into account,we offer our partners suitable solutions and are dedicated to decreasing their costs . To precisely meet our customers’ market demands,we provide them with advice on the end-customers’ needs and anticipate more opportunities to cooperate with them in the future MEDAS helps to complete the product development for customers, and offers one-to-one product service We also pay close attention to consumer require-ments,helping our partners to adjust to their own customers’ needs.
CEO Interview
Interview with Mr. Mike Jiang, founder and CEO of MEDAS
  What distinguishes MEDAS in this business segment of the water technologies & pumps?
With our market observation and discussions with our customers we aim to be very close to them with our products. It is our clear intention to develop marketable products with highest quality and design standards with our customers. We want to meet our customers’ needs and act with our customers in a trustful way.
  Where does MEDAS see the specific trends for water technology products?
One trend that is clearly visible is the trend towards convenience products. Products that help consumers to simplify their lives.This is a trend that obviously applies also to water technology. With our all-out-of-one-hand strategy we deliver our customers more than just a water pump, MEDAS creates a holistic offer from construction design,tooling design and tooling manufacture to the final product.
  What characterizes the collaboration between the Chinese Eastern culture and the European Western culture from MEDAS’s point of view?
Different cultures raise different people. European Western people are strict to detail and have advanced ideas.Chinese Eastern people are hard working and flexible.MEDAS combines all these advantages and has built up strong teams in China as well as overseas.
  How is the interaction and collaboration between MEDAS and multiple customers organized?
Fundamental for us is the trust and confidentiality that we grant our customers. This applies to all stages of our projects,from first discussions with potential customers until market entry of the designed products.
With our strong team of qualified employees,we are able to give our customers from different areas the best support in any stage of the project.It is very helpful that we know best the product features and the customers habits in different markets to develop best solutions and service for our customers all over the world.
  Where are the specific areas of competencies of MEDAS?
We place high value on the interaction with our customers,starting with defining the customers’ needs.From the start of the object,through product development and in all other project stages we assure fixed time schedules to our customers.With our high in-house producttioon depth with moulding department,engine production,production,quality inspection and logistics we have all the important production stages in our own hands.
  What is your specific experience and how did you achieve this?
Having a double master’s degree(one in mechanical design and material research and another in foreign trade business). I am personally specialized in two most important areas: product construction and design and international communication. So besides my understanding of technology and design, I am also able to communicate with customers from all over the world.
  How does MEDAS judge the future developments of the market?
Although markets will become more and more competitive, the basics will not change: innovative,high-performance,energy-saving and quality-reliable products will always be needed. MEDAS is always chasing the advanced ideas and works hard on transforming those ideas into sucessful products.
  What does the slogan”spirit for success” mean for you?
The brand-spirit of MEDAS consists of perseverance,innovation,generosity and gratitude. With this spirit we have built a strong team,leading us and our customers to success.
  How is your approach to guaranteeing high product quality?
First of all, it is very important to listen to the end users, learning about their needs and wishes. Knowing this, we can realize highest quality in design, production, quality control and service. Furthermore, many good ideas and product improvements are the result of communication.
Finally, we are very serious about our responsibility to develop sustainable, reducing the impact on the environment. By improving the efficiency, we aim to reduce the consumption of water and energy.
  Where do you want MEDAS to develop to in the future?
My plan is to develop MEDAS into one of the front runners in the market segment water technologies.
Up to now most Chinese companies have been dependent on Western OEM partners .MEDAS is on its way to developing into an independent company.
Historical Context
  • NOW

    In year 2014, Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltd built another new workshopfor future development Medasphilosophy: dedication, innovation,open-minded, thanksgiving.

  • 2008

    In the year of 2008, SuzhouMedas Co,.Ltd owned a new factory, which covers 60,000 m3with pumps annual production of600,000 pcs, and garden tools,300,000 pcs. Technology is alwayskeeping space with globaltop brands.

  • 2007

    In 2007, Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltdstarted to produce garden toolproducts, lawnmower.

  • 2006

    In 2006, Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltd set up a branch factory-Medas Injection Factory.

  • 2005

    In 2005, Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltd had its own furniture hardware Manufacturing base

  • 2004

    In 2004, Shanghai Pump Manufacturing Base moved to Suzhou, called “Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltd” In 2004, Shanghai Pump Manufacturing Base moved to Suzhou, called “Suzhou Medas Co,.Ltd”

  • 2002

    In 2002, Shanghai Pump Manufacturing Base was officially established.

  • 1997

    In the year of 1997, MEDASInternational Co., ltd.,Nanjing office was officiallyestablished.






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